Our Mission:

To place qualified candidates as soon, as humanly possible. 

Our Goal:

Is to understand our clients expectations and job order (s) 100% and make a desirable placement the first time we fill a job order.

Our Challenge:

We address our challenges by building trust and open communication. We have identified pre-employment screenings that meets  our clients and applicants needs, once we have identified a candidate. We also educate the clients, employers,  applicants and employees on current employment data.  As of August 2017, the health of Ohio's unemployment rate was 5.4%.  Cleveland's unemployment rate was 6.3%. The National unemployment rate was 4.4%.

Ninety percent of applicants are seeking direct hire or long term contract positions.  The other 10% of applicants are seeking short term or part-time work assignments.

Nearly 15% of  eligible employee(s) could not pass a 10 panel drug screening.  On average 7% of employees do not have the soft skills, to work well with other employees.

Good applicants are usually registered with three to four employment services. Once we receives their resume, interview and test the applicant if they are not place within three-four days they are usually placed by a competitor.

Close to 70% of employers are looking for employees that does not exist in today's job market.  Almost 10% of employers do not want to pay employees the prevailing wage. 

Our Team:

Comes from a variety of backgrounds. We have over 57 years of combined experience and expertise in the following areas: administration, temporary employment services, human resources, sales associates, and teaching. We have placed thousands of qualified employees with hundreds of reputable clients. We believe in excellent customer service, and we deliver excellent customer services, beginning with the initial placement and during the placement.

Quick Employment would like to meet your Employment needs...

Employers If you currently have an employment service, we are not asking you to switch services. What we are asking you to do is use us a backup service. call, fax or email your job order(s). today. Once we receive your job order a representative will contact you to discuss your job order(s), dress code, industry and bill rates, so that we fully understand your needs 100% then we will start our applicant search for the skills and talents that meets your needs and expectation.

Applicants we are another life line to employment opportunities, fax or email your current resume now. Your resume will be reviewed and if your skills, abilities and  talents meets our clients job duties you will  be contacted for an interview, pre-employment testing and screenings.

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