Serving the  Greater Cleveland Area Since 2001

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Following is who we are and how we handle our challenges, our commitments,  our goals, our message, our mission and our vision for 2018.

Our Challenges:

Are  meet with openness, experience, education and an opportunity to explore positive solutions.

Our Commitments:

Continuing education,  diversity and inclusion , ethical behavior, exceptional customer service, giving back to our communities, integrity, open communication and teamwork. 

Our Goal:
Is to understand our clients expectations and job order (s) 100% and  identify and test candidates skills and experiences and make a desirable placement the first time we fill a job order.

Our Message:

Ninety Five percent of applicants are seeking direct hire or long-term contract assignments. But, will settle for a seasonal position, a short term or a part-time assignment until something better becomes available.

Our Mission:    

Is to place qualified candidates as soon, as possible with reputable employers.

Our Values:

Best Practices, Courage, Determination, Integrity, Reliable, Respect and Results.

Our Vision:

Is to recognized and remembered as one of  greater Cleveland's employment leaders, that helped placed thousands of employees with hundreds of reputable employers.  To achieve our vision we need you to believe in our quality of service, to trust our tried and proven process and  your repeat business and referrals.



Cooperation, Partners, Teamwork