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            Office  Administrative Assistant,                      Filled: ​Please submit your resume 

                  for future job openings

​ ​​​​                 Legal Secretary 

             Filled:  Submit your current                 resume for future job openings

Serving the  Greater Cleveland Area Since 2001

        Accountant Assistant: Filled

          ​Submit your resume  for                         future  job openings                   

If a position is filled you may still submit your up-dated resume. Resumes are kept on file for 6 months. When a position becomes available you will be contacted for an interview.


        Accountant, Commercial Loans,              Filled:  submit your current resume for                        future openings


                    Full-Time Parks Aid & Leaf Removal

​                                      Filled




     Full-Time  Janitorial, Filled:

    Submit your current resume            for future job openings