​​Filled Full-Time Accountant, Downtown Cleveland, Mon.- Fri. 8 am-5 pm,  $23.00-$24.00/ Hr.


Maintain fiscal control and operations to ensure accountability and compliance with established policies for Federal, State and City regulations.  Responsible for performing timely and accurate accounting of revenues and expenses.


  •  Audit contractors invoices submitted for payment against terms of contract, verify contract balances
  •  Record all fiscal transaction and data entry postings. Review travel expenses, monitor and analyze   financial records and reports, and distribute financial records and reports
  •  Serve as contact person with other departments and agencies to provide a line of communication
  •  Make budget and cost projections, assist in the annual budget process
  •  Assist in preparing comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR)  and schedule, assist in   the annual budget process.

  •   Process requisitions encumbrances, and encumbrance adjustments, process purchases.     
  •   Review and prepare billings for construction and engineering projects submit for reimbursements
  •   Control office supplies, respond to vendor inquires review and analyze input into FAMIS, provide      assistance to supervisor, coordinate billings and account receivables, prepare and analyze capital        and operating leases, maintain accounting and automated data systems, record all fiscal transactions    and data entry. Review and up-date accounting and automated data system complete month end          closing process, including cost allocation plan. ​ Review and analyze input of the financial accounting    management information system (FAMIS)


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field and experience
  • Ability to perform mid-level data analysis including the ability to audit, deduce, assess, conclude and    appraise, require discretion in determining and referencing such to established criteria to define            consequences and develop alternatives 
  • Ability to prepare various financial reports and records, budgets, accounting reports, encumbrance,      reconciliation reports, memos, forms, financial statements and correspondence,


  • A minimum of one (1)  year experience as an accountant or related accounting equivalents
  • Ability to make strong analytical judgments and pro-active problem solving skills
  • Ability to use and interpret accounting terminology
  • Ability to operate office machines including computers and external drives

       Basic Prerequisites:

  • Must be able to pass a 10 panel drug screening
  • No violent felonies or violent misdemeanors
  • The accountant must have the experience, education and abilities to perform the job duties 

   Email your up-dated resume to hr@quickemp.com, or fax to 216 361-3970

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Filled: Submitt your resume and when a position becomes available we will contact you for an interview.  Acountant: for our clients Economic Development Department. This is a 6 month assignment with the possibility of going permanent. This is a full-time position  located in Downtown Cleveland.  from 8:00 am- 5:00 pm. The hourly pay starts at $21.50-$22.25. The weekly pay begins at $860.00 -$890.00 the pay is based on the accountants' skills and experience.

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