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                    We participate in Career Days


  • Quick Employment: Is an equal opportunity employer, we are the employer of record for our clients and employees. We are locally owned and operated and worldwide affiliated.​ Our employment commitment is to provide excellent client and employee services.We want to be remembered as one of Greater Cleveland's employment leaders that hired skilled employees for our clients positions and made a positive impact in  helping our employees earn a livable wages.

  • Essential Employees: Are critical in helping the U.S. economy. They are a life line in maintaining stability. All of our essential employees salaries are above Ohio's minimum wage. They are given personal protective equipment (PPE) and educated on working in the Covid-19 environment, since there is no known cure or vaccine bring distributed to the public yet.  

  • Our Mission: Is to place skilled, experience employees with reputable employers.

  •  Our Values: We believe in excellence, integrity, professionalism,   teamwork, and results. 

  • Our Responsibilities:Is to stay current with employment trends and  laws.  We will continue to meet and exceed our clients' and employees' employment expectations. We will provide them the professional services and employment Knowledge.


We understand there are hundreds of staffing services in Northeast Ohio and surrounding cities that you could have chose. Employers we appreciate your confidence, your trust and allowing us to continue to be your employment partner and hire for your team. 

Ohio colleges and schools, we appreciate you inviting us to participate in your career days and job fairs. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and hiring experiences. We look forward in joining your next virtual career day and job fair please contact us today.



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