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Quick Employment: 

Is an equal opportunity employer, we are the employer on record for our clients and employees. We are locally owned and operated.​ Our commitment is to provide excellent client and employee services and give back to our community.We want to be remembered as one of Greater Cleveland's employment leaders that made a positive difference in the employment industry because of team work with our clients, employees and community. Our labor force employees made $1.45 to $3.45 above Ohio's minimum wage in 2019. In 2020, our labor force will make $2.30 to $3.50 above Ohio's minimum wage. All of our employees including adults 18 years old and older are given a 1/2 lunch break , or an hour lunch break or rest break after working 5 hours.

  • Our Mission: Is to place skilled employees with reputable employers

  •  Our Values: We believe in excellence, integrity, professionalism teamwork, and results. 

  • Our Responsibility:Is to stay current with employment trends and laws so we can continue to satisfy our clients and employees employment expectations.


We understand there are hundreds of staffing services in Northeast Ohio and surrounding cities. Employers we appreciate your confidence in us. We are also thankful for allowing us to be your employment partner. The trust, business and teamwork we experience with each placement shows you know what employees are looking for. We look forward to working with you on your next job order. Ohio Colleges and Schools we enjoy educating youth and adults through career days and job fairs. We want to participate in your next career day or job fair contact us today.



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