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Quick Employment Llc Temporary Employee

Our Mission

To place talented employees with reputable employers.

We will make it possible for qualified applicants to meet face to face with the decision maker. We understand that talented employees help the employers' business run better. Our business is recruiting the best employees from a diverse database for our clients' needs. Our applicants are evaluated by the employer each week on their interpersonal skills, the quality of the work performed and their attendance. This 12-week evaluation keeps the employer, employee, and Quick Employment engaged in making a successful permanent placement.

Our Goal

Is to Partner with a talented candidate,  a reputable client,  and achieve  a  permanent  placement.

We do not have quotas to meet. We have a daily challenge, to enhance individuals lives by being a life line to  permanent employment and good benefits. The permanent employment results:  (The employee  becomes  self-sufficient  and earns a livable wage! )

Our Team

Professionals Placing Professionals A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible, and Always Saying A  Prayer)

The professionalism at Quick Employment come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our professional staff has over 67 years of combined experience and expertise in the Human Resource field and Staffing Industry.

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